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BioRxiv preprints


The phosphatase Glc7 controls eisosomal response to starvation via posttranslational modification of Pil1
Paine K, Evans G, Laidlaw KM, MacDonald C.

Correlating viscosity and molecular crowding with fluorescent nanobeads and molecular probes: in vitro and in vivo
Lecinski S, Shepherd J, Bunting K, Dresser L, Quinn S, MacDonald C, Leake MC.


The Rpd3-complex regulates expression of multiple cell surface recycling factors in yeast
Amoiradaki K, Bunting KR, Paine KM, Ayre JE, Hogg K, Laidlaw KM, MacDonald C.

Investigating molecular crowding during cell division in budding yeast with FRET
Lecinski S*, Shepherd JW*, Frame L, Hayton I, MacDonald C, Leake MC.

Recycling of nutrient transporters from yeast endosomes is regulated by ubiquitinated Ist1
Laidlaw K, Calder G, MacDonald C. 

Fur4 mediated uracil-scavenging to screen for surface protein regulators
Paine K, Ecclestone G, MacDonald C. 

Endosomal recycling to the surface mediated by Gpa1 and PI3-Kinase is inhibited by glucose starvation
Laidlaw K*, Paine K*, Bisinski D, Calder G, MacDonald C. 


Molecular crowding in single eukaryotic cells: using cell environment biosensing and single-molecule optical microscopy to probe dependence on extracellular ionic strength, local glucose conditions, and sensor copy number
Shepherd JW, Lecinski S, Wragg J, Shashkova S, MacDonald C, Leake MC

A glucose starvation response governs endocytic trafficking and eisosomal retention of surface cargoes
Laidlaw KM, Bisinski DD, Shashkova S, Paine K, Veillon MA, Leake MC & MacDonald C.


COPI mediates recycling of an exocytic SNARE from endosomes by recognition of a ubiquitin sorting signal
Xu P, Hankins H, MacDonald C, Erlinger S, Frazier M, Diab N, Piper RC, Jackson L, MacGurn J, Graham T.
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